An online ordering platform exclusively designed for independent food & drink businesses in the South West.

⚡ No apps, no fancy gadgets, just a great seamless experience.

We are completely web-based, meaning there is no app for your customers to download at all. With just a scan of a QR code or a simple link from your website and social media profiles, they can order from you immediately with no fuss!

Not to mention, you can use any phone, tablet, or laptop to operate your service anywhere - our dashboard is fully cloud-based and works in real-time too with instant updates.

Ahhhh... running your food & drink business has never been so easy!

🍽️ In-house Table Ordering

Let your customers be in full control of their orders without needing to get your floor staff's attention! It instantly increases customer spend by 20-40%.

🍔 Collection Point Pickup

Grow your average spend and total orders per customer by pickup at your collection point.

🥡 Takeaway, Click & Collect & Delivery

Provide exceptional service to your customers and reduce the operational burden of manual phone or email orders!

Pricing? No setup cost, no commission.

We've built our platform with a mission to help independent food & drink businesses strive; meaning we don't have to rely on Stripe, a payments plugin, or a 3rd party system.

In fact, we own our MMS, meaning we can control the cost of the transaction to support you! Our average transaction cost now sits at just 1% plus 10p. That's 35% less than Stripe and a whopping 66% less than iZettle, Paypal, Shopify, and many others.

Why go digital? You will create more meaningful interaction.

Foodiependent will not only expose you to our huge member base, but it will also definitely free up your team from your transactional touchpoints like taking down manual orders, entering them into your POS, responding to requests, and taking payments!

Gone are the days with unmanageable customer demands, stressful peak hours, and long queues! Your team will only need to focus on delivering a great service every day. That's it.

Many recognised indie hospitality brands now choose Foodiependent as their mobile ordering & payments partner.

We are all about going that extra mile, so if you are currently using a POS system, we can look into system integrations! Just simply let us know and we'll get it done. Don't get FOMO and join our Foodiependent community now!

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